A Rexx interface to SQL databases

Version 2.5

10 October 2006

2. Overview

Rexx/SQL consists of Rexx external functions that allows a Rexx program to communicate with a SQL database.

Actions requested of the database are made by calling these external functions. Information returned to the Rexx program as a result of these actions is done principally through the Rexx variable pool.

The Rexx external functions are:

(1)Function may not be supported in all implementations.
(2)Values that can be set can vary between implementations.

Status values set by the Rexx external functions are:

At the start of each external function call, the SQLCA. stem values are reset if the previous external function call caused an error or warning. This is done to make Rexx/SQL faster by not resetting these values if they don't need to be. The SQLCA. stem should be considered read-only and the values not changed or DROPped by the Rexx/SQL program.
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