A Rexx interface to SQL databases

Version 2.5

10 October 2006

SQLCONNECT([connection name], [username], [password], [database], [host])

Establishes a connection to the database server. The newly established connection is made the default database connection.


connection name
This is an optional name for the connection to be opened. If you need to have multiple connections opened at once, you will need to specify a connection name. For those implementations that do not support multiple connections, this argument is not supported.

This is the name used to connect to the database.

This is the password associated with the username.

This is the name that the database to which connection is required is known.

This is the name of the host on which the database resides. The format of this host string depends on the database vendor and operating system.

Some arguments may be mandatory depending on the platform. See the appendices for more details.
success: zero
failure: a negative number

Copyright © Mark Hessling 1997-2006 <>

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Last updated 10 October 2006