A Rexx interface to SQL databases

Version 2.5

10 October 2006

Appendix G - Rexx/SQL for MySQL

This section describes features of Rexx/SQL specific to the MySQL implementation.




MySQL has support for transactions, but only on BDB or INNOBASE tables. The return value from SQLVARIABLE('SUPPORTSTRANSACTIONS') is always 1, but this doesn't necessarily mean that a transaction will be committed or rolled back when you use the SQLCOMMIT or SQLROLLBACK functions. SQLROLLBACK will result in a warning (a positive number) if you attempt to rollback a transaction that updates a table which resides in neither BDB or INNOBASE.

Bind Variables:

MySQL supports bind variables in SQL statements, however, Rexx/SQL currently doesn't. The return value from SQLVARIABLE('SUPPORTSPLACEMARKERS') is always 0, so any references to bind variables in this document should be ignored for MySQL.

Column names:

If a column specification in a SQL statement passed to SQLCOMMAND or SQLPREPARE contains a table alias, eg. a.emp_id, the Rexx variables created corresponding to this column DO NOT contain the "a." prefix.

SQLDESCRIBE variables:

The MySQL implementation includes the extra variable component; PRIMARYKEY.

SQLTABLES behaviour:

The MySQL implementation has the following behaviour:

SQLCOLUMNS behaviour:

The MySQL implementation has the following behaviour:

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