A Rexx interface to SQL databases

Version 2.6

16 September 2012

SQLGETINFO([connection name],variable name [,stem name])

Retrieves values from the connected database. This function is similar to SQLVARIABLE, but requires a database connection.

Like SQLVARIABLE this function returns its information in the return string, but by specifying a stem name, the results are returned in that stem variable. The stem name must include a trailing period.
The stem name option is useful for the DATATYPES option, as many databases have datatype names that contain spaces.


connection name
This is the connection name used when retrieving variables that require a database connection. If the connection name is not used and the variable requires a database connection, the current connection is used.

variable name
The name of the variable who's value is to be retrieved.

with stem name specified:
the value of the variable name option in a compound variable. The compound variable consists of a stem corresponding to connection name and a tail corresponding to variable name. A return code of 0 indicates the function completed successfully, or a negative number representing an internal or database error.

with stem name NOT specified:
the value of the variable name option

The following options are valid for this function: Example: The following example shows the use of SQLGETINFO with and without a stem variable parameter:
Say "Getting mSQL datatypes with stem..."
rc = sqlgetifno("c1","DATATYPES","dt.")
Do i = 1 To dt.0
   Say i '-' dt.i
Say "Getting mSQL datatypes without stem..."
Say sqlgetifno(c1,"DATATYPES")

The output from the above code sample is:
Getting mSQL datatypes with stem...
1 - INT
2 - CHAR
3 - REAL
Getting mSQL datatypes without stem...

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