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Rexx/SQL provides Rexx programmers with a consistent, simple, yet powerful interface to SQL databases. Multiple connections to different databases from different vendors can be made in the one Rexx program. Multiple statements can be open on each database connection at the one time.

Databases supported by Rexx/SQL include Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and SQLite. Rexx/SQL also supports access to ODBC datasources. This means that you can use Rexx/SQL to access databases such as SQL Server and Access, as well as other products such as Excel.
Please see the Download link to the left for details on which databases are supported on which plaforms by the current Rexx/SQL release.


A mailing list exists for the announcement and discussion of Rexx/SQL related matters. To subscribe to this mailing list, send an email message to with the first line of the body of the message containing:
subscribe rexxsql-l

With Rexx/SQL on SourceForge, support resources for Rexx/SQL. such as mailing lists, discussion forums, bug reporting and feature requests are available.

A set of Object Rexx classes for Rexx/SQL, ORexx/SQL, has been developed by John Blumel, although it appears that John is no longer supporting these classes.

Rexx/SQL is freeware, distributed under the GNU Library General Public License .

Last Updated: 16 September 2012. Copyright © 2012 Mark Hessling, <>