A Rexx interface to SQL databases

Version 2.5

10 October 2006

Appendix I - Rexx/SQL for SQLite3

This section describes features of Rexx/SQL specific to the SQLite implementation. Support is no longer offered for SQLite prior to version 3.


Bind Variables:

SQLite supports standard placemarkers and SQLite specific placemarkers. Need to document how these work; similar to Oracle.


SQLite supports transactions, but you need to explicitly execute a "BEGIN TRANSACTION" command to start a transaction. See tester.cmd sample program for an example.

Data types:

SQLite is a typeless database. All columns are stored as text, so SQLite3 allows any datatype you want. Rexx/SQL for SQLite3 however, supports the following datatypes explicitly:

The datatypes supported by Rexx/SQL for SQLite can be determined by a call to SQLGETINFO with the DATATYPES option.

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